Deer Resistant Shrubs & Trees

Trees & Shrubs

Andromeda  – evergreen; shade tolerant; white flowers; red-leafed new growth.

Boxwood  – evergreen; shade tolerant; no flowers; slow growing “hedge” shrub.

Alberta Spruce – evergreen; full sun; slow growing; formal shrub.

Leucothoe  – semi-evergreen; shade-loving; white flowers; low, mounding shrub.

Cotoneaster  – semi-evergreen; pink flowers; low, sprawling shrub.

Yucca – evergreen; full sun; arid-tolerant; long sword-shaped leaves; white flowers.

Cryptomeria – evergreen; upright, narrow, and open form; good “corner” tree.

Barberry- available in green, gold, and crimson; sun to part shade; wet-tolerant.

Potentilla – full sun; long blooming yellow or orange summer flowers.

Juniper (not all)  – evergreen; sun-loving; no flowers.

    Gold Star Old Gold

    Pfitzer Andorra

    Sea Green Tams

Spruce – evergreen tree.


    Bird Nest  – low, mounding shrub.


Douglas Fir – evergreen;

Scotch Broom – Spring flowering, full sun, deciduous, no formal shape

Moderately Safe Shrubs & Trees

White Pine  – long-needled, evergreen tree; sun to part shade.

Hemlock – short-needled, evergreen tree; shade tolerant

Mugo Pine  – long-needled, low mounding shrub; full sun; arid-tolerant.

PJM Rhododendron – evergreen shrub; early lavender flowers; sun or shade; crimson fall color.

Mountain Laurel evergreen shrub; early July pink flowers; gets tall and sparse.

Japanese Cutleaf Maple – small deciduous red tree; often weeping form; sun to shade.

Forsythia –  large, deciduous, arching shrub; sun or shade; outgrows deer browsing.

Japanese Convexleaf Holly – evergreen shrub; sun or shade; small, glossy leaves.

Helleri Holly – low mounding evergreen shrub; sun to part shade; ½” leaves.

Garden Quotes

“I have never had so many good ideas day after day as when I worked in the garden.”
~John Erskine 1879-1951


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