So by now you know there is no such thing as deer-PROOF, right?

By planting bulbs, we are sending ourselves a present to be opened in about 5 to 7 months.  How fun is that?  However, if we are just opening the present, just getting a glimpse of what we are anticipating, and then someone rips it out of our hands and stomps on it and throws it away, it brings one to tears, if not horrible violent thoughts.  Have you ever seen those tulip buds, so delicate and promising of beauty, and so ready to open the next morning…

Okay, lets not dwell on those violent thoughts.  Instead, realize that there are many deer resistant bulbs for our area. Sick of Daffodils, you say?  Have you seen all the varieties?  A rainbow of colors, different sizes, and different bloom times.  Or how about Alliums, which, in the onion family, are way too unappetizing to deer.  A few varieties are shaped like huge purple balls and are very striking in the garden, though the intricate detail of the small ones are just as beautiful.

The following is a list of deer resistant bulbs to consider.  Please come in to our store approximately between  Labor Day and Thanksgiving to see our selection of deer resistant bulbs.

Jonquil (Daffodil, Narcissus)
Muscari (Grape Hyancinth)
Dwarf Iris

There may be more–different gardens have different deer, and even these may be eaten if the deer are starving.

Garden Quotes

“In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ” ~Sam Llewelyn


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