Holiday 2020 Shopping Update

Nursery/Indoor & Outdoor Shopping Area--Though shopping outdoors is a safer option, you must still wear a mask and keep a respectful distance from others. You may have an option of paying outdoors under our shade roof area on busy days, (we are using the Square app on our phones to 'ring you up'). Please ENTER THE BUILDING THROUGH THE SIDE DOOR UNDER THE SHADE ROOF, as we are allowing a few people inside at a time. Please ask an employee before you enter. You MUST wear a mask while indoors. (Over your nose too, please). Exit through our front door. Avoid bringing your children and dogs. (Though normally very welcome, it makes it harder to navigate the 6' distance.)

Propane filling procedures--Kinda the same as usual! Park your car, take the tank out, put it behind your car on the ground and make sure someone sees you. We will fill the tank and sanitize it after we fill, and you can put it back in your car.

Delivery--If you are not leaving your house, we can help. We are still delivering many items as usual--bulk topsoil (start a garden!), mulch and stone, as well as bagged items (compost, peat moss, fertilizer, etc.) and more. (Even smaller items). Call for pricing and details.

Gift Certificates Available

We have created photo galleries to make it easier to view our products online. You will still need to call in your order as we are not set up to sell online. Please use the following links to view our product categories in our Google Photo Album. If you click the 'join' button at the top of an album, you will receive a notification when we add new photos to the album:

Pottery and Containers
Fertilizers, Animal Repellents, Insecticides, etc.
Seed Starting Supplies
Lawn Care
Accesories and Gifts
Easter Items

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work this out--Jodie, Brad, Alex, and our whole staff.

Glenwild Garden Center, located in Northern New Jersey, has been a family run business since 1928. The MacKenn family takes pride in every product insuring high quality and personal, friendly service. We offer shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials, certified organic herbs and vegetable plants. We specialize in organic and natural plant and lawn care, though carry conventional controls as well. We are open year-round, our Holiday Shop ready to go in November, selling fresh cut Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Ornaments, etc.

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