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2020 Class Schedule coming soon!

Houseplant Love!

Saturday February 1st, 2020 @ 1 pm
Learn what it takes to keep your houseplants happy. They're living things, & we need to tune into their needs and wants. This class will cover houseplant care in winter & beyond, including buying, watering, light requirements, soil, fertilizing & everything you need to know to have a healthy & gorgeous indoor jungle. Free, & a 10% discount on any houseplant supplies purchased that day. Free

2019 Classes...

Terrarium Gardening

Saturday February 23rd, 1 pm
Itching to garden in the depths of winter? You’ll choose from an assortment of tiny plants, moss, rocks, and accessories to build a miniature garden in glass to brighten your day. You’ll learn how to plant and care for this easy terrarium. Everything is included. $35

Super Succulents!

Saturday March 2nd, 1pm
Learn about the care of succulents including different types, how to plant them, taking cuttings, and then make a beautiful succulent hanging garden to take home. $40

Printing with Botanicals

March 21st Thursday, 6:30 pm
Work with lush botanicals and ink to create beautiful prints. No experience necessary. Taught by Carol Margreither Mainardi , a professional artist and Sole Proprietor of By The C Press. Printmaking is her first love. Carol offers individual and group instruction in the areas of bookbinding, printmaking, and decorative papers. She currently teaches at Princeton University, RiverWinds Gallery Beacon NY, Montclair University, and Art Factory White Mills PA. Her Clients include; Simon & Schuster, New York Botanical Garden, Sony, and lovers of fine art and books in the metropolitan area. In addition Carol is involved with professional conservation and restoration of books, artwork on paper, museum quality housing of artifacts, and gallery displays. She is currently a chairperson of the Guild of BookWorkers New York Chapter. $25 Deposit Required

Saving Your Own Seeds

March 23rd Saturday, 10:30 am
Allison Hosford, farmer extraordinaire, will talk about planning which varieties of vegetables to choose for your garden this year, so you can save the seeds for 2020! Basic seed starting tips will be covered. Seeds and seed starting supplies will be on sale for class attendees. Free

Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs

March 23rd Saturday, 1pm
Are you thinking about growing some herbs this year? Join local herbalist, Morrie Shafer, as she shares the knowledge from her own backyard herb garden. Morrie will discuss growing tips, medicinal and culinary uses of herbs, and will lead the class in making an herbal vinegar for students to take home. $15 Morrie Shafer is an herbalist, writer, historian, and holistic health coach living in West Milford, NJ. She has studied at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine and the School of Herbal Therapeutics. Her business is Herbal Arts Apothecary Http:// which was created to share the knowledge of botanical remedies, and to encourage simpler, more sustainable ways of living.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell!

March 28th Thursday, 7 pm
Please join Jennifer Ellis, broker of Home Sweet Home Enterprises - Real Estate New Jersey - to discuss what you can do now to make your move easier and get top dollar for your home. Jennifer is an expert in helping you get your home ready to go on the market and crafting a top notch marketing plan to get your home listed and sold. Jennifer has been successfully listing and selling homes in northern New Jersey for 17 years. Free

Laying Out Your Vegetable Garden for Success

March 30th Saturday, 10:30 am
Local Farmer Allison Hosford shares her years of experience in this fun part of vegetable gardening. Get ready to plan, pick out your plants, learn about crop rotation, companion planting and more. Come with questions! Free

Planting Shrubs & Trees--including Soil Preparation, Watering, Mulching & Fertilizing,

April 6th Saturday, 2 pm NEW TIME!
DIY landscaping. Many of us want to know how to properly plant and care for a tree or shrub so it has the best chance of survival. Learn how with Brad MacKenn, licensed landscape architect and planting specialist in this 1 hour class. Free.

Using Coast of Maine Products in your Vegetable & Perennial Gardens

Monday April 15th, 6:30 pm
Gardener & Cook Anita Dafonte is returning once again to talk about using Coast of Maine products in your garden. We LOVE these products! Penobscot Blend Compost & Peat, Lobster Compost, Earth Worm Castings, Potting Soils and more. She will talk about how to build rich organic soil with these amendments, making a perfect bed for your vegetables, annuals, perennials and shrubs. She will also share her preferred fertilizers, harvesting tips and recipes. Plus, she will again share her tips on how she saves her garden from wildlife foraging. This class is Free, but please register ahead if you can. Anita works for Coast of Maine Organic Products and is a graduate of the Maine Compost School. Anita lives and gardens on three acres in Connecticut and frequently speaks on vegetable gardening and creating simple and delicious meals from the garden.

Living Wreath

April 24th Wednesday, 6:30 pm
Spend an evening creating your own beautiful living wreath, using annuals, perennials and moss. With regular watering, these stunning wreaths should last you until frost! $85 Deposit Required

Growing Tomatoes Organically

May 17th Friday, 4pm.
Learn all the tips and tricks for growing your own luscious tomatoes with local farmer Allison Hosford. Free, but please register ahead if you can.

Deer Control

June 1st Saturday, 10 am
Deer Resistant Plant Sale today! No one could imagine that in the span of 100 years, the white-tailed deer population in the mid-Atlantic would go from wholly non-existent to nearly uncontainable. Unfortunately, the current over-population has led to dramatic changes to our local ecosystem, with possible long-term consequences. Meanwhile, New Jersey homeowners feel helpless to save the aesthetics and value of their gardens and landscapes. Join R.J. Curcio, Staff Ecologist at New Jersey Deer Control for a look at the tumultuous relationship between the white-tailed deer population and New Jersey homeowners – and what you can do to protect both your garden and investment! For more about New Jersey Deer Control, visit Free, but please register ahead if you can

Tips for a More Successful Vegetable Garden

June 8th Saturday, 10 am
With Allison Hosford of Two Pond Farm. After 40 years of growing vegetables organically, and constantly learning new tricks, Allison will be here to share some of her favorite techniques with us. The class includes dealing with the many pests that a garden has to deal with in the summer months.

Introduction to Bonsai

June 8th Saturday, 2pm
Join amateur bonsai hobbyist Dan Bergin for a class on basic Bonsai Care. This is a fascinating class! We will have Bonsais and starter plants to sell. Free

A Mystical Evening in the Garden

Wednesday, June 12th 6-10 pm
Come join local Metaphysical Practitioners for a magical evening in our gardens surrounded by fragrant flowers, plants, & our lovely gift shop for readings, healings & more. This will be a fun & light-hearted evening open to everyone. More details and the list of practitioners will follow, and we will start taking appointments in May. Individual practitioners will have a fee. You may come just to enjoy the evening without an appointment too! Click here for all the information you need .

June 17th – 23rd. It’s Pollinator Week! Get ready for the week and learn about the native plants and food sources for butterflies and other pollinator insects on Saturday June 15th. Native Plants will be on Sale this day!

Why Native Plants ?
Saturday June 15th 11 am
Whether you are concerned about the decreasing pollinator population, or you just interested in cultivating your own native garden, this talk will offer all kinds of resources for you to do just that. Come have all your native plant questions answered and find out how to give back by planting natives in your garden. Talk given by Emily Kennedy of Prides Corner Farm, our source of American Beauty Native shrubs and trees. Free

Getting to Know Butterflies

Saturday, June 15th 2 pm
We need to preserve and help restore areas in our own gardens for these beautiful pollinators. You will learn about our local butterflies so you can include plants in your garden that they need for food. This workshop will include building a butterfly cage, and information on food plants for the caterpillars and nectaring plants for the adult butterfly. Go home with an appropriate plant too! With educator Carol Gurney. $15

Miniature Gardening

Saturday, June 22nd 11 am
Create a tiny, realistic living world using miniature plants, moss, stones and maybe an accessory or two. You’ll be gardening on small scale—growing plants in a different way, but using good garden design principles and miniature plants that will stay mini. $45


Sunday, June 23rd, 1 pm
Learn all about keeping bees! Bob Tiemers, a lifelong resident of Passaic County along with his Fiancée, Dawn Hailes, operate an organic based farm in West Milford. Both have been part of farming their entire lives. They are current members of Northeast Organic Farming Association, New Jersey Farm Bureau and the The New Jersey Beekeepers Association. They also have thirty years of beekeeping experience including startups, honey production, wax production, queen rearing, swarm management and overall bee health management. $10

Fall and Holiday Classes 2019!

Lawn Care

September 7th, 10am
Come to this free discussion on growing a healthy lawn with Andrew Decher of Jonathan Green. Fall is a great time to set your lawn up for next year. You may bring a quart sample of your soil for a free pH test as well. free

Dinner in the Greenhouse with André

September 30, Monday 6:30 pm
Please reserve your space at

Bob Ross Painting Class

October 10th, Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm
Remember Bob Ross? Come experience the joy of painting in this 2 hour oil painting class. No prior experience necessary. You will be surprised how wonderful your work is, and when you leave you can take home your beautifully completed canvas and proudly display it in your home. $48 Pre-registration with deposit required

Fall Weekend

October 19th-20th
Chainsaw Carving, Hay Rides, Pumpkin Painting, Sales, Coat Collection & more

Moving in 5 weeks or 5 Years? What should you be doing now?

October 23rd, Wednesday, 6:30 pm
Are you thinking of moving in the next five weeks or five years? These are the things that you should be doing now to prepare and make the process less overwhelming. Real Estate preparation class taught by Jennifer Ellis, Broker of Record and partner of Home Sweet Home Enterprises, LLC. Real Estate New Jersey. Free

Pumpkin/Succulent Centerpiece

October 26th Saturday, 1 pm
Create a beautiful fall centerpiece that will last for many weeks, from a pumpkin and live succulents. It requires no care and will look gorgeous on your or your host’s thanksgiving table! Bring a glue gun (and glue) if you have them. $28 Pre-registration with deposit required

Home-made Holiday Gifts

November 2nd, Saturday 1-3 pm
Get creative this year and make two pair of beaded earrings and a holiday stenciled burlap gift/wine bag with local artist DeAnna Clark. There’s nothing like a home-made gift! $40 Pre-registration with deposit required

Bow Making for Wreaths

November 16th, Saturday 11-12 pm
Learn how to make gorgeous wreath and swag bows with weatherproof wired ribbon. Go home with two bows. $16

Holiday Open House

After Hours Preview Event 6-8 pm Thursday November 14th/ Regular Event Friday, Saturday, Sunday November 15th, 16th, & 17th.

Making a Holiday Wreath

November 16th, Saturday 2 pm
November 20th, Wednesday 6:30pm
November 25th, Monday 1pm
November 25th, Monday 5 pm
November 29th, Friday 11 am
December 2nd, Monday 5 pm
December 4th, Wednesday 6:30 pm
Build a gorgeous wreath from scratch made from balsam, cedar, white pine and other mixed evergreens. Bring pruners if you have them. $35 for basic 1 1/2 hour class. There will be an upcharge for larger wreaths made. Deposit required. Call to book private classes early! $65 for Premium Classes. Created for ladies nights out and requested by you! Premium classes include a bow for each wreath made, and a 2 1/2 hour evening including refreshments. This allows time for socializing! All private and premium classes have an 8 person minimum.

Making Holiday Porch Pots

November 23rd Saturday 11 am
November 29th Friday 2 pm pm
December 11th Wednesday 6:30 pm
Create lush and festive holiday container arrangements for your front door or a similar area. These are large and appropriate to drop into your permanent planters. We also have decorative planters available. Know the dimensions of your own pots is using. Basic materials provided, with some decorations included. 2-3’ tall. $32. Deposit required

Holiday/Winter Centerpieces

December 17th, Tuesday 5-6 pm
December 21st, Saturday 11 am-12 pm
Create your own evergreen centerpiece for Christmas Dinner or holiday parties with fresh evergreens, pine cones and more. $28 Deposit Required